Il Filò delle Vigne

The winery is located in the municipality of Baone (near Padua) (apparently so-called because of cults in honour of Bacchus that were celebrated there in Roman times), south-east of Mount Cecilia, in the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park. Il Filò delle Vigne is located 50-200 m. above sea level. The ground is characterised by chalky rocks of sedimentary origin and its physical-mineral composition confers a particular savoury taste to the grapes and consequently to the wine.  



13 July 2018

Partner FAI
Driven by a shared philosophy on enhancing Italian history and protecting it from today, Filò delle...

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24 May 2018

The Colli Euganei are awarded the 7° Vinarius Prize to the Territory.
One of the main problems of the wines of the Colli Euganei is that they are born in a territory not ...

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23 July 2018

Service After having carefully chosen the wines, don’t waste them with an inadequate service! Ever...

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9 July 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon
Of Bordeaux origin, the Vine Cabernet Sauvignon represents Bordeaux wine, one of the most cultivated...

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