The Colli Euganei are awarded the 7° Vinarius Prize to the Territory.

One of the main problems of the wines of the Colli Euganei is that they are born in a territory not very known in Italy. Although recognized by the experts their quality, in fact, struggling to establish themselves outside their own territory because they are outclassed by more “famous” areas.

This is why winning the “Premio al Territorio” awarded by the Vinarius Association is very important.

Vinarius is the Association of Italian Wine Shops, established in 1981, which the aim to promote and enhance the wine bar as a place where the specialized quality wine trade is practiced and at the same time to protect the role of the enoteca as a professional and divulger of wine and the world around it. The Association, the only one in the sector in Italy, is non-profit-making and has no direct or indirect interests in purchasing groups since its origin, remaining the exclusive and independent activity of the individual member. It deals in concrete with the formation of the enoctaire, the professional updates, identifying and putting in place a whole series of activities ranging from the organization of study trips to in-depth workshops in the various production locations, participating actively in conferences, exhibitions, fairs , manifestations of various kinds.

The prize to the territory, assigned every two years, is attributed to that territory that starting from wine and with wine has been able to witness together with innovative and modern skills also a strict respect for the past and its traditions.

The motivation for the award is as follows: “The elites of the past, from Francesco Petrarca to the bishops, to the noble Venetians, had already appreciated the sweetness of the hills, the quality of the agricultural products, the wholesomeness of the first Veneto park. The new generations have been able to project in a national and international wine production already valuable thanks to the volcanic characteristics of the soil and subsoil, accompanying it with the historical excellences of food and wine, environment and well-being, testifying to the uniqueness of this territory ” .

We can’t to be agree!