About Us

The winery is located in the municipality of Baone (near Padua) (apparently so-called because of cults in honour of Bacchus that were celebrated there in Roman times), south-east of Mount Cecilia, in the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park.
Il Filò delle Vigne is located 50-200 m. above sea level. The ground is characterised by chalky rocks of sedimentary origin and its physical-mineral composition confers a particular savoury taste to the grapes and consequently to the wine.

The area where we cultivate our vines has a climate that is halfway between the Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean climates, warmer than on other slopes of the Euganean Hills. This creates a particular micro-climate, with more hours of sun than in the northern part of the Hills.
Thanks to its location, Il Filò delle Vigne is the southernmost winery in all the Euganean Hills.
This distinctive feature has a very significant impact on our production of wines (especially reds) that have excellent, unique qualities in terms of colours, fragrances, flavours, structure, harmony and smoothness.